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Twofish formed in 2000, originally as a London-based trio comprising Mark Chitty, Charlie Humble and Harry Richardson. It took a while, but their first album proper came out in 2014, getting some great reviews from the likes of the sadly now defunct flaechenklang and Peter Marks from Santa Sangre, who said

Atmospheric and adventurous, these two words are what describe them best. Every second is designed to lure you into the next and if that isn’t the bare bones maxim of top grade songwriting then I don’t know what is.

Now reconfigured as a duo, Harry and Charlie continue to write and record from their new base in North Essex with a second album released in 2021.


Here are some comments we’ve received:

"Utterly gorgeous, sweeps me along, makes me feel funky... stick it in your headphones as you're walking down the street and for that instant "I'm living in a movie" feeling."

"This is the most original music I've heard in ages. Cinematic and tuneful and lovely."

"Recently discovered twofish music. Simply amazing tunes, rich in instruments, want some more!!! well done twofish!!!"

"TimesTablas has appeared on every compilation tape/minidisc/cd I've done for people over the years, I've got the original peoplesound cd. Inspired Brilliance that still sounds great 11 years on!"

"So many artists are drowned out in the plethora of popcorn music out there -- good to hear something that is a little different."