• A tale of twofish

    Twofish is the collective name of an ambient/techno band made up of three geeks - Mark Chitty, Charlie Humble and Harry Richardson. Our music is chilled out dance music with ambient, world and other influences, and is, we like to think, a great deal easier to listen to than it is to describe.

    Twofish came into being in 2000. We released a demo called "The uncertain tea principle." Tracks from it have been featured on French TV, played in clubs as far apart as London and Brazil, and featured on a number of compilations including the excellent "Whirl Y Waves Vol. 3."

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  • Music

    Zero Crossing

    Our first full-length album. Released in 2014 it comprises all our favourite tunes from 14+ years of working together, properly mixed and mastered. It has earned critical praise from the likes of Santa Sangre and flaechenklang.

    "If the killer mixing and the groovy ambient techno don't strike you as standout, then the beautifully wistful instrumentation and raw, organic guitar lines will hook you. Really, give it a shot."
    Derek Pearcy, Amazon review

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    TxK Official Soundtrack

    After gaming industry legend Jeff Minter requested tracks "in the style of T2K" for its spiritual successor TxK a number of fans, including Twofish, pitched in and donated tracks. If you have a PS Vita you should get TxK. If you don't have a PS Vita you should get a PS Vita and then get TxK. However you can also buy the soundtrack separately from Bandcamp for the princely sum of £3.

    "TxK's soundtrack is a treat, a thumping procession of 90s-inspired hardcore complete with arms-in-the-air synth lines."
    Martin Robinson, Eurogamer review

    Whirl-Y-Waves Vol. 3 - Sounds Imported

    Whirl-y-Gig celebrated reaching their twenty fifth year of exceptional clubbing with this latest edition of Whirl-y-Waves comprising Hot One, a delicious mix of party tunes, followed by Chill Too for mouth watering afters.

    "..finally, and fittingly, Twofish, a group that first frequented Whirl-Y-Gig back in the Shoreditch days, round off this excursion with a mix of acoustic guitar and deep, squelchy beats in their aptly titled ‘Deep Base 9’."
    Richard Morley, Amazom review

  • Kit

    Synths and Main Instruments
    Synthtech MOTM modular - this is really the heart of the current set-up and the synth we use the most
    Macbeth M5
    Oberheim OB 8
    Sequential Circuits Prophet T8
    Roland Juno 6
    Moog Prodigy
    Dave Smith Instruments Mopho Keyboard - mainly used as a controller
    A Yamaha mini electric grand Piano
    A Fulham VCS4: Actually a VCS3 clone which Harry built with a few modifications

    We use quite a few soft synths - notably Spectrasonics Omnisphere and Native Instruments FM 8 and MASSIVE. Another Native Instruments product, KONTAKT, is used as the main sampler.

    Harry also has several guitars including a Suhr, a Yamaha acoustic, and a Fender bass.

    Cubase on a Mac is our main software sequencer.
    We also use a Cirklon Sequentix hardware sequencer to drive to MOTM on occasion
    A Tenori-on gets used a fair bit mainly for getting drum ideas going.

    We use less and less outboard but our Lexicon LXP15, Alesis QuadraVerb and Eventide Eclipse are still used heavily, as is the Roland RE-201 Space Echo.

    There are various weird and wonderful instruments from around the world that we have acquired over the years including a didgeridoo, a couple of Tibetan singing bowls, a pair of Tablas, an mbira, and a Hapi Drum.

  • Contact Us

    We love hearing from you. You can email us via twofish@ckhubmle.com. (Note: we've had some problems with our mail server recently. If we've not responded to you recently feel free to try again!)

    Here are some review comments we’ve received:

    "Utterly gorgeous, sweeps me along, makes me feel funky... stick it in your headphones as you're walking down the street and for that instant "I'm living in a movie" feeling."

    "This is the most original music I've heard in ages. Cinematic and tuneful and lovely."

    "Recently discovered twofish music. Simply amazing tunes, rich in instruments, want some more!!! well done twofish!!!"

    "TimesTablas has appeared on every compilation tape/minidisc/cd I've done for people over the years, I've got the original peoplesound cd. Inspired Brilliance that still sounds great 11 years on!"

    "So many artists are drowned out in the plethora of popcorn music out there -- good to hear something that is a little different."

  • History

    Whilst twofish was formed in 2000, the three members of twofish have played together in various bands since around 1990. The first demo by the twofish line-up, “Jungle Jim” was released under the moniker of Nurb in 1995. It won a “Top tape” award in Sound on Sound. Some commissions followed including the soundtrack for a short animated film, "The Northern Line", which won a commendation in the 1998 BAFTA student film awards and "The Professionals", a documentary programme made by Carlton Television. The band also did some song writing and remix work.

    Whilst we have finally accepted that we are unlikely to be be able to make a living as professional musicians at our great age, we still get together as often as we can to play with expensive toys, twiddle knobs and generally make a racket. Occasionally the results of this will be put up here and/or via our SoundCloud page for your amusement and, hopefully, enjoyment.

  • News

    July 2014

    "Atmospheric and adventurous, these two words are what describe them best. Every second is designed to lure you into the next and if that isn’t the bare bones maxim of top grade songwriting then I don’t know what is."
    Thanks to Peter Marks for the lovely, perceptive Zero Crossing review in Santa Sangre magazine.

    June 2014

    Faechenklang.de have a good review of our album along with an interview - mostly in German

    March 2014

    Thanks to the lovely people at Whirl-y-Gig for playing Radio Columbia on the always excellent Whirl-y-Radio.

    February 2014

    Our first full-length CD, “Zero Crossing” is available to buy. Berlin, which features on it, also appears on Llamasoft's TxK out now on the Playstation Vita.

  • Credits

    All tracks written and performecd by Mark Chitty, Charlie Humble and Harry Richardson except Berlin (Charlie and Harry).

    Additional musicians:

    Barn (sitar on Times Tablas)
    Bill (additional guitar on Times Tablas)
    Alida (cello on Times Tablas)
    Heather (soprano vocal on The Magic Fruit)
    Wee Alice (violin on The Magic Fruit)